What should one ask or pay for an attorney in Jersey City?

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What is the price and some questions I should ask while interviewing an attorney when buying a multi family in Jersey City?

Find an attorney that specializes in Real Estate Law specifically and ask how many clients they have and how many transactions they worked on last year. They should have over 3o clients and over 75 transactions. I used this for when I looked here in Chicago and Found an attorney that makes my life 10x easier with communication with the title company, receiving documents and forwarding documents plus all the emails they handle. We have 22 properties in our pipeline and the less emails and running around I have to do is worth the fee he charges! 

Prices in our area range from $900-1400. One big qualifying question I would have is, "are you familiar with the local rent control laws?"  If they are, that means they've likely done a lot of business in the area. I would also ask them if they have done many closings in Jersey City in particular. Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any recommendations.