Purchasing vacant land from out of state deceased owner

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I am purchasing a piece of vacant land (with a low value - sales price approx. $2K) in Citrus County, FL. The owner lived in TX and has passed away. The estate has gone through probate in TX and I am dealing with the independent administrator of the estate and he wants to sell the property to me. I am trying to find out how this needs to be handled so the title to the property can be properly transferred.

Are you buying a "piece" of land or a parcel of land?

Have you looked at similar transactions to the one you envision and examined the documentation supporting the sale and transfer?

I suppose you'll need, at minimum, a death certificate, whichever statutory affidavit is require signed and notarized by the transferor, and the appropriate Grant Deed, Warranty Deed or Personsl Rep's Deed.

Sounds like you might need to do a probate in Florida. :( I believe you need to do a probate in each State that property is owned. If you need a referral for a probate attorney I have one. I just had a similiar situation. 

The property was in the deceased mothers name. Daughter was the executor of the estate. Probate done in the state the mother lived (Alabama). Property was located in Florida. Probate had to be done in Florida for a Florida property.

I do not believe they have any "affidavit of death" or similar in the state of Florida to transfer property. 

Hopefully someone can chime in here, but that's what I found when researching my purchase.