Evictions vs absentee owners vs tax leins?

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in the grand scheme of things anybody who's going through an eviction an absentee owners. so is it better to mail to evictions than just to absentee owneers? my county has the info online, so it's a free list.

If you're limited to mailing to one source, I would mail to the eviction list vs a general absentee owner. You can tailor the letter to fit their situation. Absentee owner mailing is spreading a large net hoping to catch something. From my absentee its, I get a lot of landlords who have been in the business 400 yrs and are ready to retire but they want retail for their property. Thats one reason I'm thinking about getting licensed so I can do something with these leads. 

@Adrien S. getting my license was the best thing I ever did for that exact reason. I've gotten a couple listings that have more than paid for my rather extensive mailing campaign for the next year or two, excluding the deals it turns up for me as an investor!