Direct Email???

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Has anyone out there ever tried direct email to contact motivated sellers? If so, what has been your experience? I sent out about 20 and go quick responses from 4 or 5. I feel like people check their emails more than their mailboxes these days but not sure how much of a sealer it is yet. Thoughts?


@Blake NeeSmith  

You can use listsource or agentpro247 to search and filter mail lists based on a multitude of criteria; absentee owners, equity, LTV, date of last sale etc. It'll give you an Excel spreadsheet with all the property info and mail information. You can write mailers out by hand (not much fun!) or import the list into Word via mail merge, and it will insert information where you tell it to.

I just switched from post cards (1 wholesale deal out of 200+ post cards) to letters (Handwritten font, white notebook paper, #10 envelope, stamps, regular mail) so we'll see how the response to that goes!