It is possible purchase Real Estate using 529 Plan?

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Does anybody know how to use 509 plan to invest in real estate? I have a kid who is two years old; I figure if I purchased the home with 25% down in a neighborhood I am already investing in (put down ~60K), I can then sell the house 16 years later when he's ready for college tax free. Is this something that can be done?

I don't have enough funds to pay cash for the property.  

Thank you Linval for the link. I was more interested in whether it is possible to invest in Real Estate within the 529 plan, i.e. similar to using self-directed IRA to invest in Real Estate. I am not so much interested in whether to use a 529 plan or to invest in Real Estate using the conventional method. Due to the lack of response, I guess it is not possible to invest with 529 plan.