Newbie needs advice of first deal!

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Hey all!

I've been doing my research on a property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I live and am hoping to get some advice. The property is a multi-family home, and is turning out not to be the standard real estate agent listed home. There are a few different caveats to the property I'm looking to get some direction on.

If someone wouldn't mind helping a first timer out with some advice, I'd appreciate the help through a PM!!

Thanks everyone and happy new year!

@Ralph B. and @Dave Carpenter

Thanks for reply guys! I kept it vague and hopefully through private chat because there seems to be numerous people and companies involved/interested in the property; and just by chance one of them is apart of the bigger pockets nation, I wanted to keep the specifics off the main forum.  But if you guys would be willing to chat through PM quick, I'd love to hear your advice!

@Brandyn Dietman You only get good answers if you ask good questions and provide good information. The comunity can work only with what you provide and you should put some effort into laying out the issue if you expect people to take the time and share their expertise. Just don't disclose the complete address. PM does not really protect you, as most guys here are well connected also off line.  

Also, if you have a deal that looks really good you should get it under contract ("accepted offer") right away - good deals don't last very long. Your offer will have at least an inspection contingency for lets say ten days, so you have some time to get an inspector in, take pictures and ask all questions you like on BP. If you decide to not go forward on the deal your agent can serve notic ebased on the inspection contingency. Older buildings have so many things wrong that it always makes for a great excuse to pull the plug if you have to. (However, be careful, because you dont want to be known as someone who does not follow through on A/O).