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Hi all,

I am looking at a house in Brooklyn, NY. It is a two family house with an extension. How do I find out if a building extension is legal or not? Should I assume it is illegal if no permit is found on building department website? It also has a small bungalow in the lot with 1 bed, 1 bath and a kitchen. I am not sure its supposed to be a garage or it is illegally converted into a studio. How do I find out? 


Hi @Amy Zhang the DOB site is notoriously out of date.  You can physically go down to DOB to verify, which clients of mine had to do over the summer to confirm on their BK purchase.  Are the sellers/agent saying it's legal?

@Brandon Cohen

Thanks for the reply. The owner says it is legal. I will go down to borough office to verify.  Also He says its a legal 2 family house but it only has 1 electric meter,  and 1 boiler. How long does it take to apply for another meter, and a boiler? How much does it cost? Sorry if its too simple question. I am a newbie to RE. Thanks