What are the benefits of putting my properties under an LLC?

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@Kathy C. , you may want to elaborate on the types of properties (e.g., SFR, apartments) as well as what you're doing with them (e.g., hold, flip). While tax season has officially started, I'm sure as time permits, @Brandon Hall and others in the know, might be able to provide some input.

@Kathy C. , This topic has been covered in hundreds (maybe thousands) of blogs and forum topics. There are good reasons for using LLCs and good reasons for not using LLCs. Much will depend on what you plan on doing with your properties and how you are inclined to view risk. Opinion is divided strongly on this topic--investors, attorneys, insurance agents, are on both sides of the question.

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@Account Closed Raleigh is an awesome area. I'm originally from Hickory and spent a lot of time in and around Raleigh growing up!

To answer your question on the tax side - there are not tax benefits of placing a rental into an LLC - however if you are operating a business, it may make sense to place the business into an LLC and tax it as an S-corp.

Hope this helps!