Ambulance chasing

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I just got yet another letter from an "investor" in my area asking if I plan to sell my home since I am my Dad's Personal Representative. I have had enough...I have gotten about 30 letters since he died in April. I find it a disgusting tactic and heartless. Someone DIED. Someone I loved and who was the biggest part of my life. Maybe REI is not for me after all if I have to take advantage of other people's weaknesses and kick them when they are down. I went on the guys FB and reviewed him too. I hope he loses business because of it.

Sorry to hear about your loss @Jenet Christiansen . Losing a loved one (especially a parent) can be tough. I wouldn't necessarily give up on REI as a whole though as there are lots of different ways to invest. This is just one small niche.

Keep your head up and take care.


I am sorry for your loss.

Don't let this dissuade you from being an investor. You define the type of investor you wish to be. Surely this business and the different niches that exist are not for everyone.

Each persons grieving is their own timeframe and should be respected.

Have you contacted the person to let them know you are not interested and to cease contacting you?

There are so many! It is off the charts how many letters I have gotten, some have sent up to 3! This is this particular guys second. That's why I lambasted him on his FB. To me, IF a person wanted to sell real estate that is involved in probate (this wasn't) they don't need a bunch of deal hounds banging down their door regardless of the circumstances. Think about how they will feel opening the letter addressed to their loved one who just passed. It is like cutting open a wound that is trying very hard to heal. The last person I would ever deal with is someone who used that kind of tactic. I also do not use anyone who goes door to door. I prefer my privacy is respected. In the beginning I shared with some of my realtor friends that this was happening and they said they knew of agents who were doing this and agreed with me it is disgusting. I guess they have no problem sleeping at night. I, would. I won't give up, but I WILL remember how other people may feel. 

You have the option of not opening the letter, not reading, not responding and not taking an offer to be personally offensive.

When my Dad died, few wanted to help. I would have welcomed the letters that you are all steamed up over. My Mom channeled her feelings by helping others and cleaning her cabinets. 

Also, technically, it's not 'ambulance 'chasing. Different vehicle.

Meanwhile, it will get better. I've been PR of 16 estates now. It's no cakewalk. The little bit of money you receive is not worth the trouble. So, you don't do it for the money. 

You do it because it's the right thing to do, the family needs a stand-up guy and you were the best choice.