Foundation Issues?

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Hi BP.

Looked at a potential investment today which I had plans to buy and rent.

It is three floors and two of the three have a serious slope in the floors. You can't tell from the outside of the house but could this be a sign of a foundation issue?

@Robert Niosi   two things one foundation and two the house was just built out of plumb to begin with.

One of the builders here in Oregon was in a subdivision I was building in and they built a home that was 3 inchs off of plumb if you dropped a ball at one end it would roll out the front door... cabinets and doors all looked funky

@Robert Niosi

This could also be a structural issue. For example, if a load bearing wall or support was taken out (sounds like maybe in the basement?) and the above floor/ceiling was incorrectly supported, it could cause sloping. So, yeah, you'll want to have a contractor/inspector check that one. ;)

Thanks @Johnathon Griggs yea I really need to get a professional opinion. I'm going to try to arrange for that this week. The owner said a few of the other buildings in the area have this slope due to settling but I wana be sure its not the foundation or a structural issue. Thanks for the advice!

Take a level when you get in the house and check to see how far out of level it is. Look at it at 12" horizontal intervals.