Need a referral...

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I am in the middle of a fairly complicated 1031 Exchange and am in desperate need of an experienced CPA who specializes in real estate transactions/1031 exchanges.  Preferably in the Phoenix area, however, I'm also in Los Angeles often so that works ok too... could really use any help if you know anyone I can talk to ... Thanks!!

For an accountant do not feel like you need to use someone local. Many of us accountants have clients worldwide. Payroll, bookkeeping, etc can mostly be done remotely.

Here is a great list of questions to ask a potential accountant:

Also check out the page in your search. It should help you find someone local. If someone comes to me, I'll send them your way.

If you need help in your search or want to verify something don't hesitate to ask.

For example: I have clients worldwide and things are just as easy as I e-mail them, talking on the phone. I even use Skype and TeamViewer to communicate with clients so I'd highly recommend looking for one of the best with great references that interviews well with you.

So look for someone you can connect with that works out for your situation.

Feel free to ask here if you have questions.

If you need a direct referral feel free to PM me as I have a name or two I can give out.

Just wanted to say thank you to the folks who gave me some referrals... My preference is local only because the exchange company I used so far is not in my area and some things definitely got lost in translation by phone etc so I'd like to sit at a desk with my cpa, old school, and scratch our plan on paper, lol

Hi Michael,

Thanks, I ended working with Steven Hamilton... everything closed on the Exchange and barring any unforeseen issues I believe we satisfied all requirements to defer the taxes on my sale.  Steven is also now helping me with my personal taxes which is great... thanks for asking, much appreciated.