Best place for buy and hold in Orlando?

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Hi there guys! 

I am looking to purchase a buy and hold property that I would live in while attending school at UCF. I have tenants lined up who have lived with me the past few years. We all need to move in to a place in May. 

I am wondering where the best places to invest would be for our situation? I would like to live in Winter Park. We would not like to be under HOA or be in a busy neighborhood. I'm thinking about a a place bigger than 2000 sq. ft and a bigger backyard. I was also considering the Oviedo area and the Chuluota area.

I would like to hold this property for a long period of time. At least 5 years. Any advice would be much appreciated! 

The property you are describing in Winter Park is going to be in the mid-200k range. Chuluota could work, there is some very nice stuff in real neighborhoods before you get out to the farm land. But again 100-150 is very unrealistic unless you are willing to go the distressed route and renovate.