Packaging for wholesale. What numbers do I need to include?

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I'm looking for a list of numbers that an investor looks for when buying from a wholesaler. My laptop is down, so I'm looking for just a text listing, instead of an xml or PDFs worksheet, of everything I need to have on the deal. I know I need price, rehab costs, taxes and ARV. What am I missing?

You really don't need that much. If the deal is good, doesn't matter how much info you have.
Just do your wholesale price
And you can add estimated repairs as well.
If you want you can add rent. Or do something different than others to make yourself stand out!!
Be different!

The best thing to do is be honest with your prices. If your rehab and/or your ARV is always way off you will just be deleted like most others. All investors look for is if the price works for them. They do not care much about the rest.