Oregon Market

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New to BP 

Excited to be apart of the community!

Visiting Oregon next week specifically Portland, Bend, Eugene, Redmond, and Gresham. Looking to expand into the Oregon market. Any restaurant recommendations?   

@Isaac Marroquin , What do you like? There are so many great restaurants in the Portland area that it'd be hard to make a good suggestion without something to go on. I enjoy a good brewpub and have visited many in Portland and the sub-burbs.

Welcome @Isaac Marroquin . Portland Monthly magazine regularly publishes Best Of lists for restaurants of every type. You can find those on their website. 

Since we're on a pizza theme, Dove Vivi off 28th and (I think) NE Flanders makes a yummy cornmeal crust. 

Here in Portland you'll find some of the best food, beer, wine, spirits, and the list goes on in the country. It's as easy as getting on yelp and searching best "whatever your after" portland or. And just look for reviews by people who are like you.

Thanks for all the awesome recommendations. You can never go wrong with pizza!! Was wondering what was the MUST try or hidden gems in Oregon. Italian is always a favorite.  

@Isaac Marroquin   if your here today I hope you brought your snorkel  I drove down to Eugene to visit my MHP and it rained the entire way down and back.  can't remember it raining this hard in this part of the world.  lots of rain but usually not quite this hard.


I live a little out side of Bend in Sisters.  In fact you could very well be driving through on your way to Bend.  I would stop by the Tumalo Feed Company pretty cool Western kind of a place, with fantastic Happy Hour deals.  And when you get to Bend you will have no shortage of great places to have a good beer, Deschutes Brewery, 10 Barrel, Cascade Lakes, etc.