Looking for Great General Contractors in Dallas.

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For what purpose? Do you have a project ready to go?

My company only works in Fort Worth, so I'm not your guy, but some general input:

Any good GC, particularly in DFW, has a backlog of work. Time is at a premium. And retail clients (homeowners) are typically more profitable than investors. However, good investors generate repeat business. If you want good results from GCs:

  • Come to them with a project under contract (not one you're "thinking about putting an offer on").
  • The above means you have to have a general idea how to assess renovation costs yourself. There are good resources on this site for that, and mentors are very helpful.
  • Have a clear idea of your budget.
  • Be willing to listen to ideas and take advice, particularly if the GC is also an investor with experience doing his own properties.

In general, we're not concerned with "being a part of your team." That sounds like rah-rah seminar-speak. If you have real projects, we do good work for you, and we find that we work well together, we'll become a team.