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I'm looking to get an investor website done.  Can anyone suggest a WP squeeze page template?  I know there's a lot out there to choose from, but it's a bit overwhelming.  Also, just looking to start with a couple pages, and grow as I go.  Content - wise:  process of selling with us, who we are, Q&A, and plug-in to input their contact info with property they are wanting to sell.  Any suggestions or advice on this subject is greatly appreciated. 

Hi, Tracy.

I don't have much advice on this, but I understand when you say 'overwhelming'. I've been using a 'drag-and-drop' template from Go Daddy for our company website, and it looks nothing like I want it to. I just got a quote from a company today to completely design our website for us. 

Have you considered having a second party create your site for you? It can be pricey, but in my opinion, worth it.

Hey Angelica.  Thanks for your response.  Yes, I've talked to a couple web people. I can input onto a template, but don't know how to do the back end stuff.  Outsourcing is what I will do, but wondering, in terms of content, what is important to have in the beginning, then later build on.  Looking around, online for examples to follow.  I sent out a mail campaign recently but feel I need the website before I send out the next one.   Trying to figure out the order of things.  Let me know when you have your site up.  Will check it out.

Highly recommend you find/make deals to get you rolling and fuss with the web stuff later.

I've spent 37yrs in programming and the web is fun & mesmerizing to work with - - but in REI, it's a cost center, not a revenue center so you bank balance keeps declining while you play with the web.

Ask yourself,  "What am I doing today that directly contributes to buying property?"

If the list is short, if it contains the word web or website,  you're on the wrong path IMO.

My MFU 6-units has been clicking along for 18yrs now and the closest thing to technology I've implemented was tenant online payments via  (I could and still do write webpages from time to time).

@Tacy Apostolicwhen you say investor website what do you actually mean?  If your looking for a lead website for off market cash purchases, Brandon does a real basic tutorial on how to make one your self with a free website platform (can't find the link, sorry)

Otherwise one of the members here runs a site called Lead Propeller.  They can provide you with a site for $40/month.  He was on the podcast maybe 6-9 months ago.

Otherwise if you need a custom site because you do lots of different things, then paying a web designer might be your best options.  We do a number of different things so I built our site on Wordpress.  I paid for a template and then edited it as I needed for our needs.

Thanks for your input, guys.  J Beard, I totally agree with you about veering from what really makes money.  That's why I didn't go down the website path, but after no luck with mail campaigns and some phone calls, was wondering if a website would give me credibility.  I know that consistency is the key, so will keep on plugging.  Just not so sure what my next action step is.  In the meantime, will also look into Lead Propeller.

@Tacy Apostolik

@Jeff B. definitely has the right idea. I would time box this process, and get it done and not think too much about it. I am a software engineer, and I still think it's a huge distraction, unless it's your main business.

Heard great things about Placester, but your goal should be to choose the option that takes the least amount of work. 

Thanks, Trevor!  I realize the dangers of getting sidetracked.  Learn as I earn.  Am looking into the Lead Propeller, Investor Carrot, and now Placester options and just keep plugging away with leads.

Hi @Tacy Apostolik , I'm late to this, but if you want a good landing page/squeeze page without a lot of hassle of creating/managing your own web presence, Unbounce and ClickFunnels could be good options for you. Both are landing page software services that provide a/b testing.