Direct mailing advice

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I am looking into direct mailing to try to catch some rental properties before they hit the MLS and enter a bidding war! I see list source and yellow letters are talked about a lot. Any adivce on this? Price? Benefits of one over the other?



Depends if you want to write your own letters or have a website do them... Pricing is available on both sites...  I personally have my girlfriend or family help me with yellow letters and I gather my own addresses.  If you would like a service to write your letters for you I would use   if you just want some mailing lists and you'll handle the rest yourself I'd go list source.  There are plenty of other ways to make lists but for simplicity let's leave it there.

I have a little experience with this @Rocky Verteramo . I still use listsource even to this day to generate my list. I am a licensed broker in Indiana so I could pull my own list but I cannot pull equity with my MLS access. So, this is why I use listsource so I can target 90-100% equity.

I do not care for They are a good company and I do not have many bad things to say but I recommend NRI and @Jerry Puckett for your direct mail needs. He is also an investor and really knows how to help guide you since he has been in this business for years. His prices are much better and the speed with which you get your product (letters) will be much faster than yellowletters. Just my two cents. Keep in mind everybody and their brother is already doing the same thing you are wanting to get started doing. You HAVE to be different. You have to separate yourself from the rest -somehow. Just be yourself, and be creative. People see when you are sincere or when you are out to get them. Just do the right thing and good things will come your way:-)

@Rocky Verteramo I would agree to do something different than yellow letters. Just about everyone is using that method so it's always best to do something different to stand out from the competition. This has worked very well for my REI business even though I'm in a competitive market.