To Call or To Postcard is the question

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Recently I found a vacant property next to my rental property.  After talking to the neighbor, I learned that the place has been vacant since this past summer.  It turns out the neighbor's mom used to live there.  Apparently, the basement has sustained some kind of water damage and the owner tried to sell the property back in October but without success.  After some digging on the county's website, I was able to track down the owner's name and address.   A quick google search later, I got a phone number.  

Here is my question, what's the best approach to contact the seller?  Should I try to call the owner or send her a postcard?  I have some reservation on the the phone call route, because I hate when people cold call me, especially when they have a lot of my personal information.  It is very off putting to me.  I was wondering if anyone has any tips in situations like this.

p.s. I tried to ask the neighbor for the owner's number but the neighbor didn't feel comfortable sharing it.  The neighbor would have been a great person to introduce me to the owner.

@James Zhang this is way to specific for a postcard.  If you're truly uncomfortable calling the owner on the phone, you should write them a letter, longhand, and mail it to them with a hand-addressed envelope and  american flag stamp.

I agree, i think calling is the best option as well.  I guess what I am looking for is a way to introduce myself to the owner that is a little more personal than a cold call.  

Also, if anyone knows any good books/articles on how to make cold calls and willing to share, it would be much appreciated.