Do you think the events make people busy and away from RealEstae?

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Hi everybody,

As some of you guys may know, Persian new year starts at the beginning of the Spring. This weekend most of us were very busy with the ceremony and celebrating our new year.

It made me to think about all other special events and ceremonies, do you think these occasions can or will affect Real Estate transactions?

Do you think that it is better to postpone our marketing, events, open houses and networking whenever there is something on the calendar?

I'd like to know about your thoughts.

Business doesn't sleep or celebrate events.

I know from my experience unless it's a child's b-day or the big holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc... most people get annoyed with stuff being shut down. On the other hand though if it's your business I'm sure one of the reasons your in business is to run it the way you choose.

@Mike Hanneman Thank you so much for the response.

I do agree that business never sleeps.

I was planning to have an open house during Valentine weekend, another realtor said no one will come and I canceled it, but some people said, they have some time in the afternoon before going out for the event.

In real estate, we are working with so many different ideas and schedules.