Hot markets in Charlotte

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Most anything purchased correctly inside the I-485 loop has potential. There are hot fix & flip areas (Belmont, Severville, Biddleville, Wesley Heights, Villa Heights, etc) but the competition for these areas can result in some tight margins.   Most anything purchased correctly inside the I-485 loop has potential.  There are some great markets to find fix & flip for rental as well.

As a wholesaler you or your team should have a good pulse on the neighborhood comps, marketing & negotiating skills, and knowledge of rehab costs in order to be successful in acquiring and assigning contracts.

Finding motivated sellers - they are on Craigslist, MLS, plus you can locate owners of abandoned & vacant properties.

To add to what Curtis said I would also be sure to qualify who buys what types of deals because you don't want to tie up properties you do have a buyer for unless you are willing to partner with some one and split profits as I did getting started... Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any help I'm here local in Charlotte been wholesaling for 2 years

@Darius Howell , I would order a copy of J. Scott's The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs and The Book on Flipping Houses. Both have great info in them. Also, find some houses, go take a look at them with a realtor and find a contractor to come along to give an estimate on the repairs. That can get you a real-world estimate. Just keep in mind that it is an estimate. You never know what you will find once you start opening walls, etc.