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Hello, I am starting to inquire about real estate. I would like to know how do I go about finding a mentor please. I reside in the Baltimore, MD area and if anyone can assist, I will gladly appreciate it. 

Private Real Estate Syndication Team
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@Rachel Roberts , Since you are starting out, might I recommend that you do a bit of research here on BP to see what others are doing.  An inquiry doesn't really mean alot, you could just be curious and that can waste many a mentor's time.  Ask questions here as there are many that are willing to help you out that way. I am certain that you have to have some of your own sweat equity, time, education, etc. in the equation before a mentor is willing to come out and help you.   You may want to think about if you want a mentor, what do you offer (that may be useful to the mentor in their business) in return for their services?  In this forum you have all the help that can get you started and on your way.

Good luck

You want someone to hold your hand, guide you at every step of the way to real estate riches, to help you negotiate profitable deals, to show you how to assign your wholesale transactions, how to collect your fees, where to find the super deals, proper contract forms, creative financing, selling (flipping) real estate you don't own, how to avoid hard money lenders, putting together joint ventures, how to deal or not deal with real estate agents, how to deal with lawyers and title companies, about housing code violations, negotiating with Locators and lenders.

How to stay out the sights of scammers, housing code inspectors and people who want to sue you,  seller financing clauses. To help you enjoy the great business of real estate investing, how to do it want an honest person that will help keep you out of trouble and accelerate your investment profits.

OK! I can help and so can your friends here in BP.

Good luck