Looking for turnkey providers in Indianapolis - recommendations?

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We have been looking at the Indianapolis market for a buy and hold rental property and have started researching some of the turnkey providers and wholesalers. Does anyone have any experiences they can share on wholesalers or turnkey companies in Indianapolis?


I am a full service general contractor that would be happy to discuss your ventures into Indy. I have contacts with a couple of wholesalers as well. Give me a call tomorrow and we can have a chat. I would be happy to give insight into any areas as well as take a look at proprieties for or with you (that offer is if you use me or not).


Chad Pitt

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Neal Hoss I bought 6 properties with a company called FS Houses over the past year and have been very happy with them. You should definitely look them up.

@Nicole Hoss   financing for rental houses has really loosened up and come back in the last 20 months or so.. as long as you have a 720 fico and 20 to 30% to put down.. and 6 months to 12 months of reserves your in good shape.. and frankly if you don't have any of the above rental houses are probably not a wise thing to go into as you would be under collateralized and not able to weather a bad tenant situation.

 Now I know you can get loans with lower fico's and that is not a direct  relationship with collateralization, however I think that's the target for the best RATES.

Happy hunting I know all the persons you mentioned above personally with the exception of Chad and I think you will find them all to be quite capable and knowledgable about their market..  

( Capitalized is what I meant LOL still early on the left coast)

@Jay Hinrichs Financial, we're really good, we are just wanting to keep our business expenses separate from our home (HELOC). I have received a number of contacts for local banks in Indy that I will be following up with on Monday morning. Our visit to Indy yesterday went really well and we found out that the banks there are happy to work with investors. Thank you for your advice!

@Nicole Hoss   personally my residence is off limits to any investment activity.. but that's just me.. I understand many folks have much if not all of their net worth tied up in equity in their personal resi.

just hate to see one tap that equity buy a bummer property .. and create a mess for themselves.

that happened a TON in the years leading to the great 08 crash..

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Wholesalers and turn key companies are two very different business what exactly are you looking for? Also you'll do much better talking to TK companies if you know what you want, but you should make up that criteria first.