Redfin Agents

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I thought Refin agents would be bottom of the barrel, but I saw a house with one yesterday and I liked him a lot. He was quick to schedule the appointment and knowledgeable. And apparently, they make a salary, not commission. And the buyer gets about what their commission would be. So the house we looked at yesterday is listed at $430K and the agent said we’d get like $2,800 as a closing cost credit or just a check.

Thoughts on Redfin agents and using them?

Im not sure how to comment on that as Redfin is a competitor to me...but they have a really tiny market presence in my market, so they are not really a competitor I am worried about. I find that the agents who do work for them are ones who did not have the talent to make it at a real brokerage. Also, while I have never personally done this, I have heard rumblings in the market place of people blackballing Redfin agents...either not showing their listings, or giving less weight to their offers when they are buying. That puts their clients at a big disadvantage, especially if it is in a competitive market.