Seismic Retrofitting a property in San Francisco or Los Angeles

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Hi, I'm researching some different properties in San Francisco and Los Angeles. A lot of properties tend to be older (pre-1950s) especially in the Bay Area. It seems common for these older properties to need some seismic retrofitting to increase the safety in the case of a major earthquake.  Does anyone know if making the recommended seismic improvements will make these older buildings as safe as newer constructions or will older buildings always be less structurally sound?

Hi David,

I can't answer the question directly myself, however, I can't imagine that any seismic retrofit would be as safe or sound as a new construction would be.

What kind of properties are you looking at? SFH, 2-5 unit properties or larger buildings? With that said, I do know of a good Structural Engineer here in the city that I could put you in touch with if you had specific properties that you had questions about.

Good luck.

I dunno. You gotta consider how many major earthquakes these suckers have survived. I just went into escrow today on a house thats 110 years old. It's pretty much seen it all. 

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