My Cold Calling Conundrum

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Hey all,

I wanted to reach out to any other Realtors/Investors and get their take on Cold Calling, but let me elaborate: 

So I've been a Realtor in NJ for the last 2 years with no telemarketing/cold calling experience. Since then, I've gained a comfort level calling expireds on a daily basis in order to set listing appointments (Listings --> Leads --> Leverage) and each year I am slowly improving and gaining more business as a Realtor. 

I know that there are scripts to follow for different calls you make (Expireds, FSBO, Neighborhoods) as an agent. Currently I'm starting to call FSBOs but still do not have sufficient dialect in order to secure listings.

I had an breakthrough a couple days ago in Realizing I could call (FSBOs and Absentee Owners) as an investor. 

My difficulty is trying to realize how to make each call to various types (expirds, fsbo, AO, Probate) of properties using a universal script that makes sense.... Does that make any sense? 

I guess i'm just trying to conceptualize what I need to say to all calls in order to increase my listings but also pick out the properties I'm trying to put offers on. 

If anyone has ever started out as a Realtor/ RE agent and transitioned into RE investing, please help me understand the rhetoric I should be using on every call, especially since I'm a Realtor and must disclose that to each caller too. 



Suggest you create a general format script and identify the key factors that help you make a personal connection with a principal, identify the opportunity to solve one in more problems and determine if it's a 'now' problem or your (qualified) prospect needs nurturing.

Also, create a spirit of helpfulness.

Curiously, after a stroke cleared my RAM memory done years ago, my telephone sales skills were completely gone and this was both frustrating and a bit astonishing. My solution was to spend what became a matter of years regaining and refining this'd skills (still am) and have made a big point to dicument and record my calls discretely.

Also, suggest you get a copy of my friend Perry Marshall's book, '80/20 Sales and Marketing' and read the chapter about another friend, John Mendocha as he describes the "Rack the Shotgun" story.

Very few will do what you are doing and if you persist, you will become very successful.

Thanks @Rick H. for getting back to me. Your story has inspired and has motivated me to continue to work those calls. When i make my calls, it is always from a mindset of helpfulness and service, which took me a while to finally achieve. 

Quick questions-  When you're recording your calls and play them back, what are you trying to work on? 

When you make your calls, are you calling a mix a leads (expirs, fsbos, probate, etc) or do you focus on one group at a time?

When you call the different leads, is your general script used for every type of lead or do you tailor that general script to each clientele?

I just ordered 80/20 Sales and Marketing and look forward to reading it. 


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To be clear, I'm not making cold calls these days unless I'm tracking down a particular person, such as an heir, note or lien holder.

Also, I have a call center that talks to my prospective clients before I do.

Most of my calls, therefore are inbound, and most of those are legal professionals such as attorneys.

I no longer use a fixed script however two important tools that I still use include:

1) List of key questions to remember to ask (without sounding like an interrogation)

2) Intake sheet that organizes my notes. Subscribers can get my PETIO form free on my website

There are different questions applicable to different situations, for sure. I treat my entire sales lead, prospecting and conversion process as a dynamic, never-ending quest for improving the system and devote Monday morning to Kaizen activity.