New Agent in Cedar Rapids

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I just wanted to put it out there that I have acquired my Iowa Agents License!  It actually came in a few weeks ago, but Friday was my last day after 15 years with a local electrical contractor, and I am now just getting settled in.  

If anybody needs any help looking for property, selling what they have now, finishing the renovation of what they are working on, or any advise, please feel free to reach out.

I am not able to fund my own investments yet (regular paychecks went away, I need some more listings under my belt first), but I have the time and resources to partner up with anyone who has that side of it covered, and may not be familiar or comfortable with the buying/selling process.

Here's to a bright future ahead!!

PJ McInerney

Pinnacle Realty LLC

1930 St Andrew Ct NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Licensed REALTOR® in the State of Iowa

Welcome Patrick McInerney. I am new as well to BP and i would say best move I've made so far in my learning process in real estate.

I have a property preservation business as well as full time job (hope to get out of the full time job).

If you need anything let me know and welcome.


Thanks, Mike.

I was originally hoping to start investing, and get out of my full time job eventually.  I made the decision to get in to it from this side, and let the investing come naturally...

Maybe we can help each other out in the future.  Stay in touch!

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