Hot areas in San Diego

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Hi everyone,

I am currently looking to invest in commercial properties in San Diego and I will head over there soon to have a better understanding of the market. 

However, do you guys know the areas that I currently targeted by investors? For example, I found a commercial property on Commercial St, that is currently zoned CN-1-4. The zip code is 92113. I also have found some data about this area but I wanted to have actual investors' opinion.

Thanks for helping,


Hey Christophe,

Right now Commercial St is not the nicest looking area, lots of dumpy car shops, light industrial, etc. but this area was just rezoned to allow higher density and spur more development and the light rail runs down it, so it will change a lot in the coming years.  The area just to the west (barrio logan) is already experiencing a great deal of development.

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