Charleston South Carolina and TINDER like practices with property

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So I have an issue with a practice that I have been encountering a lot more lately and I wanted to know if any others felt the same way.

So, When looking at properties on the MLS I have seen several that appear in the pictures to be very nice and new looking. Seeing a nice property priced well triggers me to run the numbers on the property and then if the numbers work I go and see the property. Well, upon getting to the property I am shocked because what the images depicted and what the property looks like are two entirely different things all together. This seems to me to be sleazy work by the listing agent in hopes that no one will notice or maybe they are showing what the property "could be." My problems is that honesty and being upfront with folks is more important to me than selling something. I would rather you post the picture of the carpet that looks terrible, or the room full of mold..etc

Perhaps this is just my new investor perspective and maybe the seasoned pros can speak to that a bit. Just pisses me off. 

Yes its called making a property look great for sales. Don't trust pictures, promise.

I lost earnest money funds back in the day after physically going to a property. Pics look great property look like S#^t . I just told agent keep my funds. Lesson learned