Need help, found 3 unit in foreclosure

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Hi! I am a new member looking to Buy & Hold, but also looking to do some flips. Looking into a 3 unit property in foreclosure, will owner occupy if necessary, need help with funding, I'm in Rockland county New York. How can I find someone willing to lend private money? This appears to be a good deal, gathering more info now, in a great area and also basically little to no rentals currently available with a high demand for them. Thank you!

HI Chrissy,

Congrats.  I wold be happy to look at the information and possibly fund.  Please send me what ever you have, your analysis, market info, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hi Chirissy

I just saw this thread.

I am local as well.

Please pm me if there's something I can help out with.

Or perhaps in the future.