Tracking down owner of abandoned home

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Noticed an abandoned home while driving that hasn't had its lawn mowed this season so obviously not bank owned. Found the owners name on the county tax site. Anyone had any tips on getting a mobile number from just a name?

This or a similar question is asked at least 3 times a week here.

it could be bank owned and they're just mismanaging the asset.

please do a search. This question has been asked and answered many many times.

Talk to the neighbors.  They usually know how to get in touch with the owner.    

Also, call 411 to see if he has a land line listed anywhere.

If the owner has died, you should do a title search to see if there are any liens or back taxes. Has probate been filed? If none of the above it could be a perfect Adverse Possession opportunity even if you have to pay back taxes. Get with a real estate attorney in your state to know what the rules are. They are also published in the property code for your state.

You can try and pull the death certificate to see if owner of property is deceased. If so, whomever filed and filled out information will be your point of contact. Could be potential probate filing later.

Talking to neighbors is the best thing to do. Also, you can send a certified letter to the tax address if it's different from the property address. When doing this, write on envelope... "Forwarding address requested" this will allow you to find where exactly the tax bill is being sent. Then I would just go make a visit in person! 

To find out if owners are dead... Call the sheriff / coroner's office and give them the name and they'll tell you ( at least they do where I live).

@Andrew Graziano We recently used the site to find the owner of a vacant house. We just had our offer accepted and got a great deal in the Portland metro area. Once you have the name of the owner by pulling tax records or deed, try using a site like this for detailed info. Don't give up... You can do it with some work!

Thanks everyone for all the input. This guy is still alive but somehow has fallen off the map. Next step is talking with the villagein which the property is located. 

@Ibrahim Hughes I apologize, I'm still learning about this forum. I will definitely look next time.

Interesting update everyone, the owner of the home fled to a native reservation nearby to avoid the IRS and left everything behind. Could have been a good acquisition, but upon my preliminary break in, there's a massive black mold problem.