Inspection Contingency Removal if Report Is Provided?

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Hey Guys,

If a 3rd party inspection report is provided in the disclosure packet, would you still require an inspection contingency in your offer?

I'm trying to put in an attractive offer on a property, and I'm tempted to remove the inspection contingency, since a current one is already provided.




Hey @Calvin Kwan

Personally, I would never consider a seller-provided inspection report sufficient in place of a report provided by my own inspectors. 

Keep in mind, there are deals where we forgo the inspection contingency all together. However, as I said above, if it's a scenario where we were planning on getting our own report, it doesn't matter what the seller provides.

Consider this: if the seller is not trying to deceive you and they truly believe the clean report they provided you is accurate, what difference would it make if you just had that confirmed with your own inspector?