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My wife is a real estate agent and her broker said we cannot offer on HUD homes even if we use an agent of another broker even though the home is not listed with her broker due to conflict of interest. I feel this is wrong as I know agents who have purchased HUD. To all other agents out there is this true in Michigan? I would think it would be possible if I used another agent and it was not listed with he broker at a worst case.

Is your wife's broker a HUD listing broker? My broker is a HUD listing broker, and even so, we can offer on HUD houses, as a buyer. My broker is also a Freddie Mac living broker, but to fifer on those a buyer, we must get special permission prior to. This sounds like an over cautious broker policy from a broker who is not an investor, and not interested in having investor-agents.

@Wayne Brooks

Unless there has been a very recent change in policy, no agent or even a family member of the agent in the office of a HUD listing broker is permitted to make personal offers on HUD properties. This is correct is in not @Mark Ferguson

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Originally posted by @Richard Ball :

@Charles Kao I am an agent and buy HUD homes for myself, you just have to disclose it in the paperwork.

Congrats on your HUD purchases. While most of us as agents can buy HUD homes, agents that work for the listing brokers cannot