Hiring subs for flips - legality

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My question is in regard to the legality of hiring people you know that are not licensed in a specific trade to work on a flip with you. I work as a maintenance tech for a property management company spanning multiple apartment complexes throughout the Portland metro area. Throughout the 5 or so years I've been with this company, I've gained a lot of experience in turning apartments myself, but i have all ran into a lot of highly skilled workers, who necessarily are not licensed in specific areas. For example, a foreman of mine wasn't a licensed electrician, but when we would do turns in apartments, he knew how to do low voltage electrical. He was also skilled in plumbing, sheet rock, etc. Sort of a Jack of all trades. So my question is, say i were to buy a property to flip, is it legal to hire him, for example, to do some electrical or plumbing within the property (if needed) without having to hire a licensed professional?

Thanks or any tips or answers! 

Well it would be your property, so you would be the GC. Best would be to call or go down to were you pull permits and ask what needs to be permitted. On our flips we use only plumbers and electricians and HVAC on what is required. Which we have built into our cost for the rehab.  

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I think for handyman kind of work should not be a problem, which is what you described. But for bigger work, such as changing out the electric panel, HVAC, sewage pipe etc,  I suggest you hire the licensed, bonded and insured. This is for your own protection. If a painter fall from a high ladder and break his arm and cannot work for 5 months, you better pray the sub is insured. Hope this helps.