Seller financing script

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I've been finding lots of properties lately that could be great deals for me if I could work out a way to talk them into seller financing. Does anyone have a script or a general idea of what you say when you're broaching the subject?

I apologize if this has been asked or answered before but I can't seem to find it in the search function. That said, BP doesn't work well on my phone.

@Andrew Graziano I usually just ask if they have considered the benefits of owner financing the property.

In my opinion its not efficient to try to convince people to use owner financing, you need to target a specific seller who will most likely be open to it.

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@Andrew Graziano  

I generally ask questions about what they plan to do with the money once they sell the house.  I hope for an answer like "I dont know" or "put it in bank".  I then mention that I would be willing to pay 6.5% and tell them how much that would gross over time and compare that to the .3% a bank pays and what that would be over the same period. 

 I actually used this script on a lady who's husband just passed and is looking to dump a double in Cheektowaga.  Unfortunately she owed the bank over $40k and I wasn't really all that interested, I just ran into her and figured id consider it if she was for it.