Realtor Referral near Ft Hood, Texas

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I'm a realtor in Virginia and I am looking for a realtor near Killeen to whom I can refer a client. This realtor should have ample experience working with military members. Thanks!

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Thanks @Josef T. and @Jeremy Jackson !

I think @Account Closed and I are the only active BP agents I know of in the area - he's a solid guy who also knows his stuff. I'm also retired military, though that's true of most agents in the area - either former military or a military spouse. Also, all local agents will be very familiar with the VA loan and/or Tex Vet - over 50% of loans in our area are VA.

@Brian Adams  Thanks for the endorsement bud!  @Andres Piedra Send it to Brian.  He's one cool dude and he has a better hairstyle than me lol!   It's the hairstyle that matters most! :)  Seriously, Brian is solid as a rock.  He'll take care of your referral.