Pre-Approval ( Approved for ).... But how long will

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I need some help in knowing how Long my Pre-Approval will be good for to the Lender(s) that approve me for a Loan , from the day I get Pre-Approved.

Is it good for 30 days ?  60 days ?  90 days ?

Thanks so much 

@Michael Dunn that is a question you should ask your lender.  Also, many lenders pre approve in different way.  For some lenders these letters aren't worth the paper they are written on.  For some lenders these are very solid.  Also, you can find out from your lender the strength of your pre-approval.

Hope that helps....

@Michael Dunn ,

Depends on the lender and the borrower.

Credit reports and paystubs, etc, typically expire after 90 days. Tax returns are good until the following April.

If I'm working with someone smart and solid, I generally don't put an expiration date on it and just tell folks to use common sense. You can't go declaring bankruptcy and still expect to get financed, for example. Let me know if you switch jobs and take a pay cut, miss a credit card payment, etc, and I'll let you know if it'll still work without anyone's time being wasted and/or what will work now that your objective creditworthiness has changed. 

If it's someone who I can tell lives in fairy land, that preapproval letter is getting a 60 day expiration date on it (+ one month in escrow = 90 days).

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Thank you both for your replies and answers

Chris M.   Are you yourself a Lender ?  And do you lend to Investors via Investment properties ?  Thank you