Finding Out Who Recently Bought A Property

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I recently was doing some bird dogging for another investor. I had sent properties to him and now am unable to get a hold of him. I was looking up the properties I had sent and found a few were sold and off market now. How do I look up to see if it was this person who bought them as we do have a signed contract for a finders fee and I would obviously like to be paid for my services. Thanks BP world! 

Hello, Phil 

You can check the county records and see who is the new registered owner of the property but often times investors place properties under different names and trusts for tax purposes so if you know your investor buys under a certain you can try to find out that way 

I do know that info. I have looked on the county records as well. How often do they update the info on there? This is something that happened in the last 2 weeks so would it still show?

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Each municipality will have a different timeline.  As well, it varies due to time of year and staffing.  I'm located in Austin, Texas and I have not found a consistent time table. 

@Phil Scheiris have you called the county? If it is a matter of updating the online info they may just be able to look it up internally and tell you. I would guess many counties update their public facing information in batches.