Should I be chosing a software system?

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I'm very new to the real estate investing world.  Gathering lots of info right now and realizing there is so much out there, it's tough to sort through the "crap".  That being said, I would think that one would want to use some sort of software system that has what your real estate investing business needs all in one location ie: lists of sellers and buyers, tracking of direct marketing / marketing campaigns, neighborhood comps, documents / contracts etc.....  My question is, does a system like this exist?  Can anyone suggest such a system that has worked for them, or has heard of a great one that is available?

Hi @Michael Elia Jr ! Yes, there is plenty of software you can buy for real estate. Podio, Basecamp, and Salesforce come to mind.

That said, if you truly are new to the investing world you probably don't have an immediate need to make this kind of investment right now.

Unless you are doing multiple simultaneous deals or managing a team, I'd recommend keep things as low-tech and cheap as possible.