I won two properties on auction.com

Both have judgements on them as per the preliminary title report and doing my due diligence I found at clerks office.

Property 1) 8k lien from credit card

Property 2) 2k and another for 2k.

I am wondering if I really need title insurance from their suggested closing company or if I would be fine just having my lawyer do all of the work.

I really do not want to pay for a lawyer and also title insurance if one or the other is not needed, but I do want to be able to take a line of credit against the properties and sell later down the road with no hassles.

Please advise.

This is one of the responses I got when I asked them if the title would be cleared at time of transfer.

"If you buy title insurance, then your property will be conveyed with a Special Warranty Deed, which would guarantee your title against those two defects. In this situation, I could not see as to why they would be cleared without title insurance, unless cleared by the previous owner. Title insurance is something to bring up with the closing company- they will have more information regarding that."