Good Contracts (Buyer friendly)

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Does anyone have a good buyer friendly contract they like? 

Additional Background: My buddy and I found a commercial property for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio and a multi-family that we would like to put in a contract offer on contingent upon the first property's ability to be re-zoned to residential (this is mainly for mortgage purposes) Both are 3 unit multi-family which needs a little work and we would like to use either a VA Loan and/or a 203k to purchase it depending on what we can work the price down to.

I tried to poke around in the forums to find any sort of docs like this but couldn't find any. We are not using an agent (or should we?) and would appreciate all thoughts / contracts that you might have? 

Thanks much!


@Patrick Henshaw this sounds like your first deal.  and you are also needing to structure this correctly.

I would definitely have an experienced agent represent me on this type of transaction. 

they not only will have the correct paperwork, but may also be able to negotiate a better deal for you then you can for yourself.

if you need more help just PM me.....


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