Where do you find your probate leads?

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After getting great help from bigger pockets and attempting to research probate leads it has been tough an unsuccessful for me.Now I'm considering just paying for probate leads, however from my research probate leads tend to be more expensive than other leads. So because of that I wanted to know if anyone had a great source of payable probate leads that they have been successful using to close deals?

You are trying to make a profit, correct?

If you value your time highly and don't want to pull the info (for free) by visiting courthouse then pay others for their time and effort. That's what commercial researchers are for. 

If your not willing to pay OR not willing willing to put the time and effort in, then you've got a dilemma.

@Rick H. thanks for the response, of course I'm willing to pay that's why I stated in the last section of my post " if anyone had a great source of payable probate leads" implying that I'm willing to pay. I just want to make sure the leads are worth being bought. 

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