Inspection Results went a little crazy!!

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While conducting an inspection, I found out that my tenant's mom has moved in. She is not on the lease. She is single and gets vey little money each month. She smokes. The rental is non-smoking. She has been living in the home for several weeks. The tenant has said his mom doesn't there, which was a lie. His six year old daughter is the one who mentioned that grandma was living there.

The rent is current, however it is usually paid a few days after the fifth. Rent is due on the first.

Tenant said he would mow lawns and pull weeds, however the back yard looks like a jungle and back the lawn is dead.

Tenants claims they have been looking for a place for his mom to stay. I am not sure how accurate that is.

The lease agreement allows for guests up to two weeks.

What are some of the things that the Bigger Pockets community would do?

Kick mom out?

Sign her up on agreement?

 Let it go?  

Thanks in advance.

Update:  I sent the results of the inspection to the tenant and got a nasty phone call back.  I made mention that they were in violation of the no smoking on in house or on property.   I also made mention that his mom was subletting and that is not allowed.

The inspection letter wasn't accusatory. I did mention that there were fines for smoking and the tenant took that as a threat and got all upset.

1. You can adhere to your rental agreement and notice the tenant of his breaches and give them 15 days to cure the breaches.  If they do not, then you can move to evict for violations of your agreement.  

2.  You can ask for s meeting with son/tenant and mom and advise them that if she is going to be a resident, then she needs to join her son in the lease and the rent will be adjusted upwards accordingly.

3.  You can "let it go" - not an option in my world.

Good luck