Current Market for Buyers

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Any recommendations on the current market for buyers? I have been told many of the primary markets like Las Vegas, Phoenix, DFW, Austin, etc are all markets for sellers right now. Is there anybody on this forum who has connections to properties that might need a little work, has some equity and cash flows. Much appreciated. Thanks. 

@Wai Fung As you said all listed market are Seller market. 

It is very hard to find GREAT deals here, you can work hard and can find GOOD deals.

Rust Belt (PA, WV, OH, IN etc..) still going through buyer market... you can get good deals there.

My preference is better to invest in GOOD deal in DFW, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix etc... 

Marko Rubel
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Houston is still a seller's market. But I have noticed a slight cooling in the competition for properties since March/April.

To me it seems like fewer properties are being scooped up within a day or two of going on market. And I personally am more confident offering a little less than asking price.