No or low money down Investing

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Hi all,

I am a new member here in the Atlanta area and have decided to join to get an idea of what ya'll are doing here and if its really worth making a change in my life taking the route of real estate investing, specially learning more about how to buy real estate with low or no money down !!!! Although,  I am very skeptical about all those low or no money down strategies being taught every where on buying real estate !!!! I feel like they are more of a meth strategies that are being used over and over again by professional marketers to earn a living off of those who are trapped financially, maybe not, but are looking for a change in their lives, if I may call them "Motivated People" in real estate terms !!

I apologize for I am not making accusations here but very skeptical and looking for some real results of real investors who might take this cloud off my brain and show me the clear sky out there !!!

Any one?

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@Husam Alnajjar Plenty of ways to make money in Real Estate without having much money to start. Wholesaling, buying subject-to, wraps, owner finance, etc., etc. Real Estate investing isn't limited to buying a house with 20% down. But, do be very weary of the folks pitching the no money no credit investing, as they almost all have an angle. 

Nobody here can convince you to make a 'change in your life'.  Most arrive already  having made a choice of improvement. Do or don't.

Creative RE is a nice option to have learned about so it's available to you, but if it's all you can do because you're broke, then gotta get to the why that is.

Look around. Fancy coffees, clothes and cars? The tools of the normal and mediocre.  I'd rather be able to buy RE and enjoy the freedom it allows. Make your choice there, too.

Shortcut guru programs mostly cost a lot and don't work, so you're smart to be skeptical there. Learn RE. Lots of how-to guides. If you want to 'invest' without money, put in the effort and time to educate yourself properly.

Walter White - did have a system that worked for awhile - but not real estate--

I love the term meth strategies ---- 

I have taken many of those courses when I was younger,74 now, and you are right - some of these seminar leaders don't know much - they do know the buzz words that is the bait that attracts those looking for some cash flow.

I took so many program that I decided to give some of my own - but with lots of substance - real stuff - street wise systems - I was determined to put together a program that works - what I discovered is ---- if you really want to learn this business - try to teach it.

So---------FAST FORWARD ------ I am still investing and helping others (partnering), developed a reasonable portfolio with my wife of 46 years and have a great cash flow that is working well for us - we are now developing commercial real estate - having fun and living the good life with a wonderful family, a family that gravitated to this business as well. 

Today as an auctioneer - I now use power prospecting methods to locate and control real estate - I than put that property up immediately for public auction - if I am in for $50,000 and sell it in 3 weeks for $60,000 - I make a fast $10,000------- this is as close to a nothing down deal as you can get ----

  • $100.00 deposit to the seller - non-refundable
  • $1,500 to advertise the auction sale
  • That's it
  • My process is Control and Roll - selling property I don't own-----
  • Real Estate investing like this is my NO MONEY DOWN SYSTEM


@Husam Alnajjar Your absolutely wrong sir! Us as wholesaler can not buy real estate with no money but we are able to "sell" real estate with very little to no money. 

Bigger Pockets is the best place to learn these techniques because it's absolutely free to listen to the multiple podcasts on here where investors are pretty much teaching step by step how you are able to do so. Don't discourage the other newbies on here because you lack the education that many others including myself have found success in.