14225 Buffalo/Cheektowaga Area

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Hey ladies and gents,

I would like to know if anyone is familiar with the subject area and how is renting/living situation?

Is it an improving neighborhood or is it going downhill fast?

Are there any cons to buying rentals here?

Hi there Richard,

Grandma lives in Cheektowaga and I and go to a gym in Cheektowaga everyday so I know the area well. There are 3 main zip codes for Cheektowaga:

14227: Is the "nicer" Cheektowaga with a bit higher income levels, closer to West Seneca, better neighborhoods, nicer suburb.

14215: Is the "questionable" Cheektowaga closer to the Buffalo border with average neighborhoods, a bit lower income area, I'd say a C-level neighborhood. 

14225: Is the Cheektowaga area inbetween both of the other 2 zip codes. I'd classify it as a B-level neighborhood, average 1400 sq ft houses, stable suburb area, minimal crime, and LOTS of rental homes, so you're in luck! There are tons of duplexs, tris, and quadplexes in 14225 and the area is very stable for renters. Plenty of people will want to live there and rent there. Stay away from areas near the 14215 border and the Galleria Mall and you'll likely have pleasant tenants who are looking for a decent suburb area with an entry-level price. I don't see any major "cons" to 14225. Neighborhoods around Maryvale and the airport are favorable places for renters.

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It's a B - C type area. I'd spend more time investigating properties in the West side, North Buffalo area, and parts of the Amherst area.

The housing market is on fire right now, so the area's I've mentioned will come with a premium, however the ROI in these area's are much more attractive. The revitalization that is going on downtown and in the surrounding areas are driving the investor and renter interest in these area's.

Cheektowaga is a stable area with many single family homes, some multifamily. I personally wouldn't invest in this area but don't let a strangers opinion deter you. The higher property taxes will eat into your returns, and with mostly single family homes, I do not see what will be driving renters to these area's. I would think your vacancy rates would be higher. 

I invest in the North Buffalo Area. A large mix of multi and single family homes with a decent range of property values.  Vacancy rates are virtually nill, due to the high demand. Taxes are very low. I believe that the mass development going on downtown and in the surrounding area will drive renters outward to the area's like North Buffalo and the West side. You can already begin to see the massive increases in rent rolls downtown, Development tends to expand from the epicenter, that is why I am so high on these area's.   

I agree with the previous statement that the epicenter is seeing a huge revitalization. I owned a single family in the 14225 district that I lived in for over two years. It is a b-c neighborhood with great variation street to street.

Can anyone weigh in on the 14213 ZIP? Looking at a SFR there right now which is very close to the 190 expressway, north of downtown on the east side of the river.

Showing some decent ARV's, but unsure if that is on the up and up or not.

@Brian Zintel

@Darwin Crawford , I'm sorry I don't have a ton of info about 14213. I primarily flip in A & B-level suburbs so I don't do any business near downtown or in any of the City of Buffalo zip codes.

I do know its a lower income area and I'm fairly certain its near Buff State college and Elmwood Village. Given those 2 parameters, I'd assume its probably a rental area for the college kids. I'm not sure on any of the other qualities of those neighborhoods though??

@Darwin Crawford In my opinion, that area is good though generally a poorer neighborhood, maybe  a C but I don't think D. Crappy school district but I substitute teach at one of their schools that is at the bottom of the rung  and it isn't a bad school.  Interestingly enough, it is a ton better than the school next door to me. I live in North Buffalo which is probably a B+ to A neighborhood that borders 14213. It would depend on the price. Otherwise very rentable. North Buffalo sells out in days. Depending on how close it is to the border, you should do well.  Elmwood would be better than Military. Seems closer to Buff state is better than further from it. 

 Personally, I only look at the area in terms of renting it though. The general Blackrock area doesn't come up too much. I look at it because Buffalonians are still as a whole renters and there are a lot of cheap buys in that area (say $10,000 on a fixer double)  that give you room to get into the market and also to charge lower rental prices to make sure it stays filled without suffering any real losses while allowing the inevitable push towards the area in the next 10 years when all the west side neighborhoods are overflowing.

As a whole, very little stays on the shelf in the Buffalo market today, particularly in the city. And I would be advised to be leery of where you get your after repair values from. From what I hear, zillow isn't that on point here. In addition, talking to even professionals, their summations don't match the sale prices I'm seeing so give yourself some margins. 

We currently have a 14225 rental. It's a nicer duplex on a street full of single family, post war housing. We're a bit closer to Genesee than I'd like, but even so, it's a decent area. The tenant pool is slipping a bit. That said, I could be biased because I just had a nightmare eviction for this property. I just believe there to be better neighborhoods with better deals out there. I wouldn't look at this neighborhood twice if we didn't already own it for years. Definitely won't be buying any more in this neighborhood unless it's an absolute grand slam deal.

Pulling this one out of the hopper....have another duplex that walked in the door, vacant, priced for pennies on the dollar.  

ZIP is 14206, its located very near the Filmore Ave and Williams Street intersection.  

Guessing its a full gut, wondering if this is even worth pursuing?  Any Buffalo-ians out there want to weigh in?  

The report from neighborhoodscout.com isn't exactly glowing....

@Darwin Crawford Filmore/Williams is an iffy area.. Lots of investment opportunity; it is very inexpensive to buy/rent in that neighborhood. It will likely see a lot of growth in the next 5-10 years (supposedly the next area to see the revitalization that the rest of the city is experiencing now) but a little rough right now. Chances are high it's a full gut, especially if it's vacant.

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