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Hello all. With me being fairly new to this game I'm seeking someone with a little experience and possibly partnering with in the Galveston county/ south Houston area. I have funds just not a considerably large amount. I'm coming across multiple deals everyday it's just that most of them are out of my league. Thanks a bunch

I am always open to working with other local investors. Feel free to PM me and I can give you my contact information.

Hi @Chris Mcdaniel . We have a small informal group of people around the Bay Area who are at various stages of starting out who get together periodically. We usually meet up at Starbucks or Nobi to brainstorm, help each other, and share successes. If you're interested, you can PM me as well. Same offer to you @Timothy Church

Keep in mind - it is very casual. Most of us have met each other on Bigger Pockets and just followed through to the real world. There are a number of REI groups that you can attend as well.

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Hi @Chris Mcdaniel . I'm going to send you a pm with my information I would love to talk to you and see if we couldn't put something together. I'm not only a Investor but I also have my Real Estate licence that I only use for my personal use. I've been active in some sort of Real Estate since 2010. Contact me and let me know what you had in mind and what you are looking for. 

@Robin Williams I would also be interested in your meetup. 

Hi @Chris Mcdaniel - I work for a company called Networth Realty. We help investors find quality wholesale real estate, locate financing, provide access to knowledgeable contractors, and help you choose the best exit strategy to fit your goals. I work mostly south of Beltway 8 in Pearland, Clear Lake, and League City down to Texas City and Galveston. We have properties within a wide price range and might be able to help you find some deals that will work for you. Feel free to send a PM and we can sit down and figure out how we might be able to help you.