Hey BP members!! 

So I'm diving into these RE Investments and have covered soo much ground within the past few months. This is going to be my second time placing an offer on a property for sale. 

I've visited the building (noticed slightly negative signs that the selling broker wasn't serious or as involved), I liked the renovations and seems like a decent fit for a rental property. 

My only problem is, after submitting an offer that same day and questions about the seller financing they offered, we heard crickets from the broker. 

We thought, Oh maybe it's due to the holiday, we should give some time. We've emailed, text, emailed, called, left voicemails, spoke to her company reps, and even more emails. I've even reached out online & left a vmail.

Is there any advice on what to do next and how to play my cards right? Either she's shopping around or just not a good broker. I also feel bad for the owner. Also, how can I make my offers stronger and attractive? Plz let me know what you guys think and any tips/tricks for a investor  d[-_-]b