I believe that I have already posted one time about myself and who I am, but this time I want to make some conversation about what my plan is for me and my family. After countless hours of searching around, looking at homes, analyzing properties, and making offers. I have decided that the best move for my financial budget, time, and family will be to buy a 3-4 unit building and live in it as land lords. Also, to be more informative. I have talked my family into the idea of becoming land lords and allowing people to live with in "our" home. The first step was the hardest, and now it is up to you and the good Lord above to help lead the way into finding a good property :D.

So to begin my conversation, I would like to ask is if there are some trusted realtors/lending organizations that you would suggest for me to find this type of property. We are willing to relocate to the place as long as it is in a good location. The area that I would like to begin my search is in St. Louis or the Illinois side of Metro St. Louis. The second piece to the conversation is what are some online options for looking at property that is available for multi-family that isn't massive complexes like loopnet.com.

I have spoke with 2 people from each state. 2 lenders and 2 agents. The best information and willingness to help has been from the MO side, but I feel as if I have had a small sample and I would like to ask around for some more opinions.

To end and add to this conversation, please feel free to add me as a colleague so that we can network and meet up. This is only the beginning to a financially successful life.