Rochester NY

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great area to invest in for buy and holds just be careful do research and find someone local you can trust. The market here has been very hot lately and getting harder to find deals as in past but still cashflowing. If you plan on visiting or want more input feel free to pm. Thanks and good luck 

I have been investing here for the last 10+years and have been very happy with the results. The cap rate generally is between 14-17% cap rate.  Prices are not bad compared to Brooklyn lol. 

Good luck and reach out if you want some additional help

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I have a big 5 bedroom 1.5 bath for sale, rents projected for 1150 a month , new roof, electrical completely rewired, complete new plumbing (both water and drain) new Windows, new 90+ furnace, new hot water tank, new flooring including tiled floors in kitchen foyer and both bathrooms. Should be fairly maintenance free for years to come.

Hello, I am also looking to invest in Rochester, NY. Did you find a property that you liked?

Originally posted by @Aqil Dharamsey :

Hi Ramon Flores Rochester is an awesome place to invest. Matt Harris is a great realtor that can find you lucrative deals. Good luck!

 Thanks for the mention. I'll be more then happy to assist you with any questions I invest here and am also a local realtor. If management is required reach out to aqil he is a great resource on that end. Please pm me. Thanks again and happy investing 

@Matt Harris do you mind if I PM you as well? I am from Rochester, NY and would love to buy and hold a few investment properties there. @Aqil Dharamsey I would be interested in learning more about your property management experience in the Rochester area. Do you specialize in a specific neighborhood? Are there neighborhoods you advise against? I grew up on the East side near East High but I moved about eight years ago so I'm sure a lot has changed.

@Algernon Brown thanks for starting this post!

I invest in rochester as well. I've invested all around rochester from Saratoga to Garson and I'm looking to invest in more better locations as well in rochester.
My fellow investor I would like to know what street block have you bought your properties on. And what was the buying and rehab cost before renting it out and what rent do you charge .
I have 5 at the moment
Saratoga 1000
Sixth st 1000
Rialto 1000
Garson 1350
Webster 1000

I believe it's base also on picking the right tenants
But I am sure curious about the 19th ward and south wedge . I believe next to the college is somewhere I want to look into

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@Aqil Dharamsey I am still deployed at this time but will be home in the summer of this year (around July). I will reach out to you when I make my visit to Rochester to see family. Thanks for the response! 

Maybe we all can get together actually and discuss business. 

Thank you @Jevon W. for serving our country and keeping us safe. Yes please let me know once you are headed this way and would love to sit down and talk!

Hi @Wee Chen welcome to BP. I know several investors from the Mississauga who have invested in multiple properties here in Rochester. Let me know if @Matt Harris or I can help you with anything. Best of luck!