How to list on MLS without a realtor?

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Without a realtor you won't get it on the MLS. With a flat fee guy, you'll still have to pay 3% or so to the selling agent, otherwise no one will show it.

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MLS stands for "multiple listing service" it is a service that member Realtors may utilize, you can list your own property after you get a license, join a member broker and pay your MLS fees.

Kinda like asking if you can walk into a private country club for a round of golf without a member inviting you! No you cannot play, please leave now !:)

Try postlets, which has recently be bought by zillow. 

Many buyers are quite computer savvy these days and will look on zillow or trulia to compare. 

Are there others in the neighborhood, that are 'for sale by owner'? Get them together, like I did some years ago

Oops.....just noticed that you wanted specifics about listing on MLS. Never mind. Ignore my comments


NO Realtor = No MLS. The way to work around it is to use a Flat Fee MLS service. You only will have to pay whatever commission you offer to the buyer's agent.